King Bong was opened in March 2000 and will be celebrating 20 years of trading in The Triangle, Bournemouth next spring (2020).

In that time the shop has gone through many transitions inside and out.

From selling herbal highs and magic mushrooms to cannabis seeds and CBD products King Bong has adapted and overcome the ever changing laws and prohibitions that the U.K. government and big business have imposed on it.

We are a cash only shop because we sell cannabis seeds, which is perfectly legal, but not accepted by Visa and MasterCard. Paypal have also permanently suspended our account. To them and all the other businesses that have hindered us along the way we say this: “We have been here 20 years and will be for 20 more and you won’t stop us, so Fuck you! ”

The Story of the Shop Front

Back in the early noughties King Bong had a facelift and a Canadian chap painted a mural onto the window. The owner insisted on certain imagery including cannabis leaves, magic mushrooms, San Pedro cactus, Yin-Yang, Ohm, Smiley Face and a secret magic number.


Much later, to celebrate 10 years in The Triangle, the owner commissioned an artist who was working locally called “Soap” to paint a new sign as well as the the window and the now legendary Jimi Hendrix piece inside the shop. Unfortunately some idiot put a brick through the window a few years later in an attempt to rob the shop.

The sign still exists in the owners garage but unfortunately the art on the window was lost forever.


Since then there have been two more commissions. One by Tech Moon (a.k.a.Krishna Malla) and the current version by “Also” a local graffiti artist.

King Bong is hoping to celebrate 20 years of trading in The Triangle, Bournemouth by commissioning a new, fresh piece. If you are an artist or know one who would be interested in submitting a design please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Peace, love and prosperity to all who have taken the time to read this…

Tech Moon (Krishna Malla)

Tech Moon (Krishna Malla)