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If you wish to purchase from our website and can only pay by credit/debit card you will need to complete your order online, then ring us up on 01202 314588 (Mon – Sat 10am-6pm) and place your order over the telephone.

This is because the major credit card companies (you know who we mean) seem to have a blanket policy when it comes to internet shops selling cannabis seeds. That policy is to not deal with them AT ALL even though it is perfectly legal to sell cannabis seeds in the UK.

We have tried for the past two years to resolve this problem but it seems to be increasingly difficult to get an online merchant account unless you play by these company’s arbitrary rules.

However, we still want you to enjoy the benefit you get by purchasing through the website, such as great value, and having all your goodies delivered straight to your door, so the best way to pay us is by bank transfer via internet banking which is extremely easy once you know how.


To make a bank transfer:  *10% discount when paying by bank transfer!!*

To transfer money directly into our bank account please use the following details:

Bank name: Santander
Account name : On One
Account no. 44383187
Sort code : 09-01-51

If you are transferring funds from outside the UK, you may also need the following information:

IBAN: GB31ABBY09015144383187



Please use your order number as a reference when transferring money.

Postal orders, cheques and cash*:                      (*at your own risk)

These should be made payable to On One and should be sent to:

King Bong, PO Box 7851, Bournemouth, BH1 9YR

You items will be shipped upon receipt of the postal order.

Phone Payment:

You can call 01202 314588 and a member of our team can take your order.  Payment can be made over the phone and your goods will be shipped as quickly as possible.

Peace - The King Bong team

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Herb Ultimate Strength 3.5g

CODE: 7000000311

In stock
Herb Ultimate Strength Incense 3.5g - All new formula!  A new stronger longer lasting incense from the creators of Herb 3.5g! This is... More
  • Original Hemp 3.5g (+£25.00)
  • Strawberry Kush 3.5g (+£25.00)
  • Blueberry 3.5g (+£25.00)
  • Orange Sensi 3.5g (+£25.00)
  • Mango (+£25.00)

Poke 1g

CODE: 7000000103

In stock
Poke Bath Salts 1g Not for human consumption.

Blunt Wrap Platinum Blunts 2's

CODE: 1000000651

In stock
Platinum Cigar Wraps are packaged fresh and stay fresh! New Double Platinum comes two per pack.

Minimum quantity for "Blunt Wrap Platinum Blunts 2's" is 1.


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